About Rent to Buy

At Property Shop we have been introducing our clients to a great alternative in order to get on that all important first rung of the Property Ladder – Rent to Buy.

RTB involves entering in to a rental contract with the end goal of purchasing the property. A much smaller deposit is paid upfront, and monthly rent paid for the agreed duration of the contract i.e.: 2,3,5 years… At the end of the contract the tenant agrees to purchase the property using all monies paid during the duration of the tenancy as deposit, making it easier to obtain a mortgage.

There are great advantages as well!  In uncertain times an owner can get someone in their property to make sure it is not standing idle and at risk.  Steady income can come in and a sale is something on the horizon once the term ends.  Buyers get the advantage of their rental payments counting for something and ease their mortgage demands when it comes to applying.

To request further information on RTB and to find out if it’s right for you, contact our agents today for a free no obligation and confidential chat.

Check out some great Rent to Buy opportunities here

Rent to Buy Opportunities
Rent to buy

La Nucia Alicante (Costa Blanca) Spain



Ref: PS7137-APINS

In the beautiful small town of La Nucia we have three large exclusive houses for sale built in 2017 – from 350,000€ The properties are located in the immediate vicinity of sports facilities, golf courses, amusement parks, attractions and restaurants. The houses are almost identical with ...
Rent to buy

Alicante Alicante (Costa Blanca) Spain



Ref: PS2709-APINS

Located in the village of Castalla, the house is very spacious with various possibilities. Its architecture could easily support the house to be used in the following ways: (i) As a big family home; (ii) As 5 independent apartments; (iii) As a small rural hotel (iv) As office space for ground floor ...